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Quick Troubleshooting

No water movement in pool, water pressure normal to high

1. Pressure side of plumbing closed, check valves

2. Filter needs either backwashing or cleaning

No water movement in pool, water pressure low to none

1. Pump or filter basket full of debris, empty as soon as possible.

2. Water level in pool too low. Add Water

3. Skimmer weir stuck in the upright position allowing very little to no water to pass, push back down weir and consider replacement if this is a continual problem.

4. Air leak on the pressure side of the pump, call for service.

Pump will not prime or looses prime

1. Pump Impeller clogged, call for service

2. Water level too low

3. Air Leak at Pump lid O-ring, lubricate oring and re-seat.

4. Leak at suction side of pump. Call for service

Pump Motor loud or noisy

1. Pump impeller clogged, call for service.

2. Pressure side of plumbing closed, check valves

3. Bearing are going out on motor, call for service

Leak at pump

1. Mechanical seal on pump or seal plate O-ring leaking. Call for service

2. Air leak at Pump lid O-ring, lubricate and re-seat

Leak at filter

1. Filter O-ring damaged or incorrectly seated, call for service

2. Air relief or drain plug needs to be tightened or replaced

3. Plumbing leak, call for service

D.E. going back into pool

1. Filter needs to be backwashed

2. Broken or missing o-ring on backwash valve, call for service

3. Internal damage to filter

Pool Cleaner sluggish or not working properly

1. Water level in pool too low, add water

2. Pool Filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed

3. Wall screen on needs to be cleaned.

4. Back-up valve stuck in the open position, call for service

5. Internal damage to cleaner, call for service

Motor will not turn on

1. Check circuit breaker, reset if necessary

2. Motor is bad

3. Bad connection or relay

Motor hums but will not start

1. Starting capacitor bad

2. Starting winder burned out

3. Clogged or plugged impeller

4. 1-3 call for service

Motor stopped while running, power switch is on

1. Circuit breaker tripped, Reset as necessary.

2. motor burned out, call for service

3. Debris has clogged air intakes around motor causing the internal thermal overload switch to trip, clean motor and area around motor and restart.

Backwash lever difficult to move or stuck

1. Internal O-rings need to be either lubricated or replaced, call for service

Pool Light not working

1. Check circuit breaker, reset as necessary

2. GFCI tripped, reset and try again

3. Bad bulb or housing, call for service