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Pool Care in Freezing Weather Conditions 


When the temperature outside gets to 32 degrees or below costly damage can occur due to freezing. Follow these steps:

Ensure that all pool pumps are running continually (except Booster/pool sweep pump) this will keep the water moving to make freezing more difficult. If your pool has a freeze guard it should turn on automatically when the temperature gets to a predetermined temperature causing the equipment to run until the air temperature gets above the set temperature. If for some reason the sun is sitting directly on the sensor it can fool the system into thinking it is warmer than it actually is. If this occurs pull the off timers off the pool clocks or put the pool into service mode and ensure that the equipment is running (when a pool is in service mode it will not change it's setting until you either change it or take it out of service mode).

Maintain the proper level of water in the pool (halfway up the tile line) and breakup and ice that may start to form on the surface of the pool or in the skimmers. If the water level gets too low of the skimmers freeze up the equipment will start sucking air increasing the probability of damage.

Do not backwash the pool, this can cause lines to get stuck or gauges to freeze. Also do not turn on the heater unless the heater was on before the freezing temperatures started, the rapid temperature increase can cause extensive damage to the heater, equipment, and plumbing.



If for some reason the power fails during freezing weather follow these steps to reduce or eliminate damage to the pool:

Turn off the breakers to the pool equipment

Open the air bleed on the filter (if frozen pour warm water over it to help free it up)

Remove the drain plugs for the the pumps and the filter and put them in a safe place (I put them back into the pump basket)

Remove the heater plugs or open the heater valves

Put all 3 way valves into the all open position to allow water to flow freely between and back into the pool.

To prevent skimmer damage put a one-liter bottle half filled with anti-freeze into the skimmer, this will help prevent expansion.

Any pipes that cannot be drained need to be wrapped with electrical heat strips available at any hardware store.